STM has selected OKTAL for supplying simulators

In the course of September, OKTAL has been awarded a major contract for the supply of one full scale mission simulator with motion system ,12 compact simulators and the associated Instructors, Observers and Scenario Preparation Stations by STM (Société de Transport de Montréal).

With a new fleet of metro vehicles arriving in 2014 (MPM-10 trains), STM has decided to acquire a full replica simulator to familiarize the operators with the new vehicles prior to Revenue Service introduction of the new cars. At the same time the decision was taken to reinforce the training capabilities currently available for the existing fleet (MR-73 cars) with 12 compact simulators.

The contract has been awarded to OKTAL after an International Tender evaluation with the participation of industry majors.

OKTAL will be supplying the purchased equipment in 3 stages over the next 3 years. The first delivery of the 12 compact simulators with MR-73 model and the whole STM network represented in Computer Generated Images is scheduled before the end of 2012.