News release on Oktal HSR products

Oktal's Train Simulations Bring High-Speed Rail Operators Up to Speed

Oktal is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of railroad locomotive and power car simulators in Europe. It is part of a French delegation of companies coming to Florida from February 21 to 25, 2011, to meet with state and local transportation leaders to promote themselves in hopes for being selected as contractors for the Florida high-speed rail project and other transportation improvements in the region. Oktal has been a major figure in transit operation simulation since 1989, acting as a prime contractor for complete simulators and simulation software publishers.
One of the major interest topics for the U.S. railway operators is the mandatory introduction of Positive Train Control (PTC) by 2015. Oktal has developed a very advanced model of the European equivalent of the PTC system, called ERTMS: a train protection system largely adopted worldwide and dedicated to high-speed trains. These models include that of ERTMS Level 3, which is very close in functionality to the requirements for PTC. Oktal's model includes braking curves, specific speed restrictions due to track geometry, and enforcing the limits to movement authorities. This simulator can be delivered even before the actual system is implemented. This capacity of simulators to help in the design and testing of ergonomics and performance of a PTC system, executed ahead of service introduction, is an attractive asset for cost reduction and timing control of the overall project. The company's products are designed for research or training purposes, and its experience and technological expertise have resulted in an offer that can pair efficient and durable products with complementary services such as technical support, training and maintenance.
Oktal has a proven track record in designing and manufacturing high-speed rail simulators for clients around the world:
EUROSTAR simulator (France)
In 1992, Oktal developed its first high-speed rail train simulator system for the French National Railways (SNCF) and British Rail high-speed equipment scheduled to operate between Paris and London via the Channel Eurotunnel.
The successful delivery and activation of this fully operational simulator transformed the technical basis for simulators across the entire industry. The operator’s cab was situated atop a motion platform so that the training process for the drivers included “feel” as well as sight and sound inputs. Moreover, the simulator was the first to utilize full computer generated images (CGI) for accurate visual representation of the track and right-of-way. This simulator, the first in Oktal's product portfolio for HSR service, is still in service today, training, evaluating and certifying the proficiency of the drivers and train crews. With subsequent addition in 2001 of new itineraries, the 310 miles corridor available today on the simulator serves training of Thalys drivers (Belgium-France HSR service) as well as Eurostar drivers and train crews.
KTX-II simulator (South Korea)
In 2010, Oktal provided its most recent locomotive simulator for Korail’s HSR, which serves 460 miles between Seoul, Mokpo and Busan in South Korea. This full motion simulator with ERTMS implemented and extensive number of simulated train failures prepares drivers for the day when everything else fails.