The Citroën eHDi Driving simulator 2011: Amazing Visual !!

The Citroën eHDi driving simulator: a step forward in visual realism

The Francfort IAA 2011 motorshow was the opportunity for Citroën to present their new driving simulator for which the software was developped by Oktal.

This simulator invites drivers aboard the new Citroën C4 in order to discover 2 new technology innovations from the PSA group, the new micro-hybrid eHDi diesel engine with a new generation stop'n start system, and the blind angle monitoring system. The simulator drives you into a brand new visual driving environment created by Oktal for this specific purpose.
This is the first to use the upcoming version 1.2 of SCANeR(tm)studio. The most significant breaktrough of this version is the visual module, which has been totally re-engineered, and brings SCAneR(tm) to a new major level in terms of visual realism.

This new module natively supports advanced materials, with bump or normal-maps and pixel shaders, a new High Dynamic Range Rendering engine allowing to recreate high contrast scenes, a panel of enhancements such as walkers managements (rendering and animations) or LODs management, and better overall performances and stability, especially when using the 3D stereoscopic mode.

3D view was another key point of this simulator, with its 46'' passive stereoscopic screen, allowing the use of customized lightweight 3D glasses.

During the 2 weeks of the motorshow, with more than 2,000 drivers, it was definitely a great success. Undoubtedly, it showed a new step in Oktal's software know-how for driving simulation, but was also a major vector of Citroën's 'Creative Technologie' image during this international event.

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