OKTAL is going to deliver one of the greatest worldwide driving simulators to China.

Resulting from a contract signed in 2009 further to an international call for tender, this motor car driving simulator will be used for the studies led by the department " Transport and Facilities " at Tongji University, one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education and research Chinese institutions.

In the Top 3 at the world level, the objective of this driving simulator is to study drivers' reaction under complicated driving conditions as well as to estimate drivers' psychology and behaviour in reaction to new road facilities features, driving circumstances and system man-machine interfaces.

This giant simulator is composed of a dome made in composite structure, a movement system of 8 degrees of freedom (8 DoF), a complete car and a display system allowing a big field of vision (more than 250 °). It exploits the last version of SCANeR TM studio software.

The system is under integration only with its dynamic platform 6DoF in OKTAL factory in Toulouse until the middle of June 2010. Then it will be dismantled and sent in China for the final integration with the complete dynamic platform (8DoF). After the adjustment stage, the driving simulator will be ready for the first experiments which will be undertaken at the end of 2010.
Always concerned about satisfying its customers' needs, OKTAL worked in close collaboration with Tongji University to develop the project.

one of the greatest worldwide driving simulators