The Queensland University of Technology selects OKTAL for supplying a 6 DoF car driving simulator

OKTAL has announced the sale of a new advanced driving simulator to the Centre for Accident Research Road Safety (CARRS-Q) in Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

From Andrew Haines, Senior software manager at CARRS-Q, "OKTAL has been selected to realise this project because of OKTAL's proven ability to implement complex research simulators. As weel as providing a realistic and immersive simulation environment, which will comprise a complete vehicle body mounted on a 6 DoF motion platform, CARRS-Q has placed great importance on the ability of the SCANeR software to aid road safety research by use of its integrated recording tools and the ability to interface SCANeR with external data sources for specific research projects. CARRS-Q also looks forward to future Road Safety research collaboration with other institutions who are also using OKTAL simulators and the SCANeR software."

This is a new major reference in the world for the software product SCANeRTMstudio (, the new generation of SCANeRTMII driving simulator software.