The open source wins the driving simulation

Supported by the editor of driving simulation software Oktal, the open format RoadXML strengthens its functioning organization.

If the driving simulation allows accelerating the conception and validation of future vehicles while decreasing the costs, it remains expensive and slow in its implementation. A recent announcement could participate in the standardization of this tool.
It concerns RoadXML, the new data format of road network logical description, which perpetuates by the election of a steering committee. Now this open format should facilitate the interoperability between driving simulators and participate in the development of a unique interface between these simulators and the applications of engineering and traffic. Its ambition is also to improve the contents of road network description formats to take up the challenges of mobility, sustainable development and training performance.

The steering committee of RoadXML consists of industrial and academic representatives, as well as the French editor Oktal, the European leader of simulation software that is at the origin of this initiative.

Extract from 01netPro - 13/09/2010
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