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Access to the website (“Site”) is unrestricted and open to all types of audience. The purpose of the Site is to present the activities and corporate profile of the OKTAL company. The information and recommendations (“Information”), and all hypertext links and/or any other computer links posted on this web server are offered in all good faith.

However, no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, are made relative to the merchantability of this Information, its fitness for a particular purpose or specific use or any product referred to in this Information. The user assumes the entire risk of relying on this Information. This Information is supplied on the condition that the user, or any other persons receiving it, make their own judgement as to its suitability for the specific purpose prior to use. In no event, will OKTAL company be held responsible for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use or reliance upon this Information or its use or any product referred to in this Information.

OKTAL company categorically reject any interpretation which tends to assimilate the content of its website with offers of purchase or incitement to purchase shares or other securities, whether listed or unlisted, of OKTAL company. OKTAL makes every effort to ensure to the best of its ability the accuracy and updating of the Information posted or broadcast on the Site, whose content the company reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice. Nonetheless OKTAL cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, timeliness or exhaustiveness of the Information posted on the Site.

Visitors to the Site acknowledge that they are entirely responsible for the use of any Information posted on the Site.

As such, OKTAL cannot be held liable for:
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• more generally, any damage, direct or indirect, regardless of its cause, origin, nature or consequences, even though OKTAL has been made aware of the possibility of such damage, whether it be the result of (i) access or inability to access the Site, (ii) the use of the Site, including any damage or virus which could infect the user’s computer system or any other product, and/or (iii) credit given to any Information provided directly or indirectly by the Site.

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All other use of Information and content on the Site is subject to the prior written authorization from OKTAL business development department and must not be distorted, modified or altered in any way whatsoever.

Any unauthorized use constitutes an infringement punishable by law. OKTAL reserves the right to take legal action against any infringement of its intellectual property rights. The same applies to any databases produced by OKTAL and posted on the Site. Only OKTAL has the right to extract and reuse the pages on the Site in accordance with the dispositions set forth in article 342-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code (L. 98-536 of 1 July 1998) and on condition that all reproductions bear mention OKTAL ownership of the intellectual property rights.

The personal data of Internet visitors collected on the Site is transmitted to the services of the Group responsible for dealing with user demands. OKTAL undertakes to respect the confidential nature of all personal data furnished by those visiting the Site. The purpose of the present warning is to inform users of the type of information OKTAL may collect when they visit the Site, and the manner in which it may be used at a later date.

Information posted on the Site is regularly updated. During a visit to the visit, certain data is collected automatically:
• The user’s IP address, allocated to the user’s computer by the Internet service provider to enable Internet access.
• The address of the Internet site from which the user is directly connected to the Site.
• The date and time of visit to the Site and the pages consulted, as well as information concerning the user’s computer operating system and browser software.
• The cookies serve to determine how users access the web pages, the time of consultation and the number of users. This technology does not collect any personal user data and information is obtained globally. The purpose of this technology and information is to help improve websites. The Site does not use permanent cookies that reside on the user’s hard drive.

Users have a right to access, modify, rectify and suppress any personal data in accordance with the French Freedom of Information Act (L. 2004-801) of 6 January 1978.

All requests should be addressed to: OKTAL S.A., Immeuble Aurélien II, 2 impasse Boudeville, 31100 TOULOUSE, FRANCE.

In no event can OKTAL company be held responsible for the content of the websites to which they provide links. These links are made available as a service to users of the Site or the websites of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The decision to activate the links is incumbent exclusively upon Internet users. As such, OKTAL company cannot be held responsible for users’ access via the hypertext links contained in the Site to other resources present on the network.

The documents on the Site may contain forward-looking statements concerning the financial situation, operating results, as well as the business and industrial strategies of the OKTAL company. In particular, the use of words such as "forecasts", "expects", etc., and statements regarding management objectives, estimates or anticipated operating result trends are forward-looking in nature. Such statements are based on a number of assumptions that could ultimately prove inaccurate, and which are subject to a number of risk factors, such as currency fluctuations, the ability to cut costs without disrupting business operations, environmental regulatory considerations and general economic and financial conditions.

The OKTAL company do not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Further information on factors that could affect the Group’s financial results is provided in the documents filed with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).